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Transformer Protection Fuses
HRC Fuse system with current ratings from 2A to 100A with breaking capacity of 51 KA at 500 V AC & 4 KA at 250 VDC

ESAWARI (ANAND) Fuses offers wide range of tranfsformer fuses in accordance to DIN & BS Standard. Back up fuses are generally used for protecting transformer in the distribution network between 3.3kV 3.6 kV. These fuses are capable to breaking any fault cutrrent between the minimum breaking current (I3) and the rated breaking current (I1). Selection of the fuse shall be made from the selection table and in accordance to the standards.

ESWARI (ANAND) Fuses range transformer protection are available in the following series,
NGT Series:
Comply with DIN 4325 of VED 0670 T4 & IEC 60282 - I standard.
They also offer safe interchangeability to any World Standards.

C-O Series :
Comply with BS 2692 & IEC 60282 - Standard. Fitted with End tags for rigid Bolt & Nut fixing.

RGT Series :
Fitted with TA3 Tag arrangement for rigid Bolt & Nut fixing

BHT Series :

Comply with BS 2692 & IEC 60282-1
Suitable for Installation in Oil Insulated (Oil Immeresed) Switchgear.