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Terminal Block Accessories


Terminal Block Accessories

Group Markers and Warning Labels
Group Markers are used for providing common marking for a group of terminal blocks and are mounted using a marking label holder, fixed on end clamp for group marking.

The following types of Group Markers are available depending on marking requirement and type of DIN rail used :
SCUN MLH: Suitable for Group Marking of terminal blocks mounted on DIN rail types TS35/TS 32 (Top Hat section/ G Section)
SCKN MLH: Suitable for Group Marking of terminal blocks mounted on DIN rail type TS 35.
DCKN MLH: Specially designed for Group Marking of screw-less terminal blocks mounted on DIN rail type TS 35 (Top Hat Section)
GMC: Suitable for Group marking of terminal blocks mounted on DIN rail type TS 32.
Warning labels are used to indicate safety precautions and are available in yellow colour with printing in red colour to show warning signs.

Marking labels :-
Marking labels are used for identification of circuit connections. Marking of terminals helps in easy identification and quick maintenance. Marking labels are made of Polyamide in white colour and pre-printed with black indelible ink. They are used to serve different purposes like alpha-numeric identification required for accurate wiring and trouble shooting. Marking labels are available in strips containing 10 markers.

They are also available in form of a card which consists of 10 such strips. Marking label strip can be snapped on a stack of 10 terminals together. They are available in different sizes with option of either vertically printed numbers or horizontally printed numbers.

Ordering Guidelines for elmex marking labels are given below for ready reference PL Series Switch

End Clamps
End clamps also known as End Stoppers are used to hold a stack of terminal blocks on the mounting rail. Depending on the profile of the terminal block stack and the mounting channel, end clamps are available in different sizes and also in different designs. They are either made from Polyamide or Mild Steel duly plated. It is recommended that while selecting the end clamps. due consideration is given to the strength of the support required by the clamps. This is to ensure that the selected end clamps firmly supports the terminal block stack and prevents its movement on the rail and also its dislodging from the rail during normal handling or wiring. PL Series Switch

DIN Rails (Channels)
Mounting Rails (channels) manufactured and supplied by ‚€˜elmex‚€™ comply with DIN/IEC standards (IEC 60715 - Dimensions of low-voltage switchgear and controlgear - Standardized mounting on rails for mechanical support of electrical devices in switchgear and controlgear installations).

DIN rails are available in 35 mm Top Hat section (7.5 mm and 15 mm deep), 32 mm ("G" Section) and 15 mm width. These channels are made of mild steel. Channels of 300, 500 and 1000 mm (with or without slot) are available as standard lengths. All channels are Alkaline Zinc plated with yellow or blue passivation. Channels with RoHS compliant plating are also available against special orders.

Dimensional accuracy is ensured through gauging during manufacturing process.

It is important that the channels used have accurate dimensions within permissible tolerances. If the mounting dimensions are less than specified then the attachment of the terminal blocks on these rails will not be strong enough and there could be problems of loose fittings and at times terminal blocks may get dislodged from the channel even in normal service conditions.

If the mounting dimensions are more than specified limits, the terminal will fit tighter than required and it would be difficult to move terminals on the rail or dismount it from the rail. At times this may lead to breakage of terminal blocks made from Melamine (thermoset).

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Protection covers
Certain design of terminal blocks e.g. stud type and bus bar terminal blocks where the contacts of the terminal do not form fully shrouded assemblies and hence live parts remain open posing an electric shock hazard. As a safeguard against this, protective covers are used which provide protection against electric shock hazard.

‚€˜elmex‚€™ offers various types of protection covers ranging from covering a single terminal block to entire stack of terminal blocks. As an innovative solution to shroud the entire stack of terminal blocks of different height and width, ‚€˜elmex‚€™ offers protection cover type PCK3 which is mounted on support plate type UHDD. Support plate UHDD is mounted on DIN rail at both ends of the stack and protection cover is snap fit on the same.

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End Plates
End plates are used to insulate a stack of terminal blocks. they have same profile as that of the terminal block and are available in different colours to match the colour of the terminal block. For terminal blocks made using Polyamide 6,6 housing, the end plates are "snap-on" type i.e. they get press fitted on the terminal block side whereas in case of Melamine terminal blocks, the end plate require support by end clamps.

Certain terminal blocks are so designed that they have both the sides closed and hence it is not required to mount on end plate at the end of the stack. However for the other terminal blocks with their one side open, it is normal practice to mount the end plate at the end of the stack to insulate the live parts as a safety measure against an electric shock hazard.

. Barrier Plates/ Partition Plates :-
Barrier plates/ Partition plates are used to serve one or more processes:-

• To increase clearance and creepage distances in certain applications
• To provide separation between terminal blocks
• To readily differentiate stacks of terminal groups

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